Data Warehousing

We offer a wide range of experience with end-to-end solutions for developing, evaluating, and optimizing data warehouses. We help you evaluate and select the right tools, build and implement the right solutions, and ensure consistent, accurate, and timely availability of information.

The success of the project depends on a solid DW design and architecture. Apply hands-on expertise to industry-proven methodologies and strategies to build an efficient, high-performance schema. It helps you select the right tool. To build a well-built data warehouse, you need to start with a well-built model. Whether your technology source is Oracle, SQL, HANA, or another database, we'll discuss requirements gathering, analysis, validation, and modeling processes, and help you understand which modeling approach to decipher. Data profiling is important for improving the data quality of your organization. Data profiling helps you examine and collect statistics on your data. Data warehousing experts will help you create your data mapping documents and ensure you have all the data you need, where you need it.

The ETL process should be used to constantly move the source data to the DW to allow for full analysis. It helps you plan carefully how to consolidate data from multiple sources into a central repository.

As data volumes increase, data warehouse capacity is quickly exhausted, leading to poor performance and costly upgrades. The optimization ensures that data loading and queries are within acceptable performance limits and are scalable. It helps measure and analyze performance and determine the best approach to maintain efficiency.

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