Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots to automate the highly repetitive routine tasks typically performed by knowledge workers.

We create AI to help solve real problems. That is practical AI. Just drag and drop these powerful AI features into your workflow and events and actions that reuse objects to build processes and propagate changes throughout the business, with object and process libraries that initiate automation.

Companies that leverage the first mindset of automation unleash the full potential of an automated company. They dominate their competitors because they are faster, more efficient, more adaptable, freeing more people to innovate and think through competition. ADHTRIT Business-Driven Design is a code-optional environment that addresses the needs and goals of both traditional business users and technology-savvy users.

Imagination is free to combine the tools it has with it to create new features and create new value. We Connected-RPA is just this type of combinatorial innovation.

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